International Business Excellence Awards offers great platform to the corporate companies to win a prestigious award and set themselves on the path of greater success.

By winning this award, your company can stand out from the crowd, which in today’s competitive business environment is a huge advantage. Companies that are able to stand out from the crowd are able to establish a deeper, more engaging relationship with their customers. All of this, in return, leads to more sales and an improved bottom-line.

Through this Award, you will be able to gain worldwide recognition, which will give you a competitive edge over others. If you win this award, not only your competitors, but also your business partners, vendors, and customers will look at you with respect.

With the right marketing mix you can showcase the world that you are not an ordinary company but a recipient of the world-class International Business Excellence Award, which is only given to a chosen few each year. You can leverage this award to reach out to more people, to strengthen your brand image, and increase brand mentions. All of this augurs well for long-term sustainable growth, which is exactly what every company wants.

And the best part? Winning this award will set you on the path of continuous long-term growth. Employees like to work with companies that are recognized as top-players, and this award proves you are such a company. So you will be able to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Also, since businesses like to enter into strategic partnerships with only those players that have an impeccable reputation, you’ll also be able to establish better, more mutually-profitable business partnerships. All of this bodes well for your future growth and will help you take your business to a whole new level.


  1. Award Logo Usage Entitlement: Winning this award will entitle your organization to use the Award Logo for all media outlets, publications, websites, social media sites, TV Ads, brochures, banners, product packaging and any other medium of communication. Our 2021 award logo and title usage will accelerate your company’s popularity, growth and customer engagement over time. You can use the 2021 Awards logo for the period of one year from the date of winning the award in all of your media and marketing tools.
  2. Certificate of Merit: Winners will be awarded a Digital Award Merit Certificate along with all the required tool kit for promotion after the competition of the award ceremony. The digital certificate will be captioned with the title – “International Business Excellence Awards 2021”
  3. Media Kit: A comprehensive media kit consisting of various forms of Award Logos and an exclusive press release copy that you can easily leverage for marketing purposes. Media kit is a handy tool that you can use for any kind of promotional campaign or event within and outside your organization.
  4. Company Profile Publishing: IBC Team will publish your company’s profile on an International news portal (maximum content size = 1,000 words) along with Portfolio/Pictures of the company’s Chairman/CEO/President. We believe this step will help commemorate your company’s achievements and provide you maximum global outreach. (To be provided by the winner company)
  5. Company A/V Publishing: A 2-minute A/V clip of your Chairman / CEO / President will be published on a leading International News Portal with details of your business message, goals, vision, mission and message towards viewers and global consumers. (To be provided by the winner company)
  6. IBC Website Publishing: Team IBC will publish the Logo of the winning organizations on its awards website as a part of the publicity arrangement.
  7. Social Media Platform Publishing: We will make the best use of media and other social media platforms to publicize the name of the winners. Our focus will be to let maximum people know about the winners and hence, they gain more coverage and mileage.