International Business Excellence Awards is the most prestigious award across the globe that honors the leading businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers. For many years, we have been honoring the businesses and entrepreneurs that have made a mark in their niche. What separates us from other awards is our commitment to have a completely transparent selection process and award businesses, regardless of their size, niche, or location. While most other awards cater only to big names of the industry, we cover everyone. Yes, that’s true, you could be a small business operating in 5 countries or a big multinational company with offices in over 50 countries, you stand an equal chance of winning the award, as long as you have an excellent track record. Likewise, the business niche you work in doesn’t matter to us. You could be a pharmaceutical company, a chain of retail shops, an online seller, or an IT company, we welcome all to nominate.

Want to take your business or company to the next level? The International Business Excellence Award can help you do just that.
Want to enhance your brand image? Winning this award will help improve your brand mention and brand image?
Want to attract and retain the best talent in the industry? If you win this award, talented people will like to work for you.
These are just three benefits of winning this award; there are many others also. The International Business Excellence award is a mark of quality and it is recognized world over.
It can help your company stand out from the crowd, which in turn will help you improve brand image. There are thousands (if not millions) of companies in every business niche. Given such strong competition, ask yourself: “How can my company be different?”
One way is by winning the International Business Excellence Award. It will show your customers, clients, and employees, that you are an exceptional company that believes in providing the best solutions and services to the customers. As a result, you’ll be able to win more clients, forge stronger, more profitable business partnerships, and attract and retain talent.
As you may guess, all of this will have a strong positive impact on your bottom-line

Big, medium-sized, and small-sized businesses and companies can all participate in the International Business Excellence Award. Whether you have 10,000 employees or 100, that doesn’t matter. Which business niche you cater to also doesn’t matter. So you could be an IT company, a real estate business, a pharmaceutical giant, or an upcoming e-commerce player, we welcome all. Likewise, your business location or the number of countries you are operational in also doesn’t matter. We also invite non-profit organization to participate.
As long as your company does business ethically, offer quality products and services to its customers, follow employee-centric work policies, and is free of controversies, you are eligible to nominate your company for this prestigious and one-of-its-kind award.

Of course, you can. International Business Excellence Award is open to all companies, regardless of their turnover or size or location. Your company can be making a billion or a million dollars a year, that doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you are an ethical company or not, whether you treat your employees well or not, whether you follow sound business practices or not, and whether you have quality products and services or not.
If you think, your company meets these criteria, go ahead and nominate yourself. Our experts will give your application the same level of attention to any other, and if you meet the criteria, we will offer you the Good Company Certification.
Here’re the basic criteria for International Business Excellence Award:
• You should have quality products and services
• You should be running your company in an ethical way.
• You should have employee-centric policies and believe in the principle of “opportunity for all”
• You should have sound business practices
• You should not be involved in any controversy

Nomination is absolutely free of cost. It takes only few minutes of your time to fill-in the details of your nominated company on our website. In case your company wins the prestigious award, you will have to a one-time nominal fee of USD 1000 for registration and award logo usage to IBC for a period of 1 year.
The fee levied includes the research and evaluation process cost and empowers us to continue with the awards selection process every year. Your contribution would be extremely valuable for us and the entire business fraternity involved in the selection and evaluation process.

For inquiries regarding sponsorship of International Business Excellence Awards, please contact Ms. Julia Lauren at [email protected]

The selection will be based on the scores provided by the IBC team and jury panel after evaluation. To know more details, please read the selection process. The decision taken by the IBC Jury is final and cannot be challenged.

Of course, winning this prestigious award will give a new edge to your business. By winning the tag of International Business Excellence Awards, you will gain more recognition.
• Being recognized globally for excellence in business empowers your business to expand and grow multi-fold.
• You will not only able to retain your talented staff members but also attract new talent. It’s no secret that employees like to work with a reputable organization as that instills a sense of pride in them.
• Winning this award will help you enter into strategic partnerships with other businesses since this award is a mark of excellence. Every company or vendor likes to work along with a player that is respected world over.
• Winning this award will help to retain existing customers and create new business offerings for your company. Customers get attracted to a high brand value, tend to continue and renew businesses with such brands

Owing to the restrictions due to the ongoing COVID 19 Global Pandemic, IBC has decided to go digital. This is to ensure that your safety as well as the safety of our stakeholders, partners, and staff is not compromised in any way.
We are going 100% ONLINE and DIGITAL. Winners will be awarded with digital award certificates along with media kit and other benefits as well.
However, the goal of the awards ceremony remains the same: to honor the best performing and most deserving companies who have made excellent contribution and added great value in their business niche.

Of course, you can. If you believe a business partner, a client, or a vendor has got in them to win this award, please do nominate them. As said above, nomination is free; all you have to do is fill the nomination form. Complete the details and provide accurate information. Also, inform the nominee about this, so that there’s no confusion if we have to contact them.