International Business Excellence Award is among the popular and admired corporate awards across the globe, thanks to its all-inclusive selection process. By all-inclusive we mean this is the only corporate award that doesn’t discriminate companies and business entities on the basis of their turnovers, market size, business niche, etc. This platform gives all deserving players an equal chance to win the award — and reap the benefits that come along with winning such a prestigious award — regardless of whether they are a big or small organization.

The International Business Excellence Award is a great platform for deserving players to share their story with the world, enhance their brand image, and increase their brand mentions. While selecting the winners, our jury takes into account several important things such as the reputation of the company, business ethics, workplace culture, market share, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, product/services offered, and leadership.

Our selection process is highly fair, authentic and transparent. We have the most experienced set of Juries who carefully examine the nominations and take forward with the selection process every year. Our goal is to ensure the best organization / industry gets awarded who is able to outshine its peers in terms of multi-dimensional parameters such as delivery, innovation, practices, operations, capability, expansion, vision and mission, economic, social impact and value adds to name a few.

Shared ahead is the transparent process of short listing the companies:

Level 1:

The first stage comprises of companies nominating themselves or other associated organizations. Yes, that’s right, you can nominate another company if you want. If you believe a business partner, strategic partner, client, customer, or vendor deserves to be nominated, you can nominate them. However, whether you nominate your company or some other company, make sure you fill the nomination form completely and accurately. In case you are nominating another company, don’t forget to inform them about the same. This will ensure there’s no confusion if we ever contact them.

Level 2:

Once the nomination part is complete, our trained professionals will peruse each application. They will shortlist, rate (on a scale of 1-10) and rank nominees on a number of parameters, such as commitment to innovation and ethical business practices, quality of their products and services, their previous track record, financial stability, business operations, management leadership, their workplace policies, etc. base on the information gathered through the application and other secondary research done by our team.

Level 3:

The Applicants now have just one more crucial stage to pass. At this stage, our panel of experienced corporate personalities will review the shortlisted companies and score them on a scale of 1 to 10. These jury members come from various fields, including, but not limited to, Business, Finance, Advertising & Media, Global Relations, and International Business. The rating secured by the companies will decide their destiny. Once our jury has shortlisted the winners, we will duly inform them. Please note that winners will have to pay a non-refundable registration fee.

Final Level:

The cumulative score of the IBC Research Team and Jury Panel will be taken into consideration to finalize the winners of this prestigious award. The Award is given to the most deserving & outstanding companies on the basis of their overall score achieved. Note: An applicant must achieve a score above 7 to stay within eligibility criteria for the award. The decision made by our jury and the research team will be final and irrevocable.